Whether you are missing a single tooth or several or even all of your teeth, dental implants can restore your smile with a permanent solution. Implants are the most exciting breakthrough in the field of dentistry in decades because they have finally given us a tooth replacement option that offers the same strength, stability and aesthetics of natural teeth. In addition, implants don’t require any special cleaning, just daily brushing and flossing like your own teeth.

Another major benefit of implants is that they prevent the bone loss that comes from having missing teeth. With a natural tooth, the root extends into the jawbone. The pressure that comes from using your teeth, particularly for chewing, is directed through the tooth into the root where it stimulates the bone and keeps it healthy and dense.
When a tooth is missing, so too is the bone stimulation. Over time this leads to deterioration. The weakened bone can decrease the stability of the remaining teeth and possibly lead to additional tooth loss. Because dental implants are anchored directly into the jawbone, they keep the jawbone stimulated just like real teeth. Implants are the only tooth replacement option with this benefit.

There are four common varieties of dental implants. This means you have every option available to you regardless of your tooth replacement needs. Let’s take a closer look at these implant solutions.

Single dental implant

As the name explains, a single dental implant is used to replace one missing tooth. The installation process begins with drilling a small hole in the jawbone where the implant will go. Inside this hole, a surgical-grade titanium post is inserted. Once it has fused with the bone, an abutment is placed on top of the post. The abutment is the actual structure to which the porcelain crown is attached. Dental porcelain is as strong as your natural teeth and indistinguishable in appearance. When your implant procedure is complete, no one will ever know that you previously had a missing tooth.

Implant bridge

When a person has more than one missing tooth, other methods of tooth replacement may not be able to permanently correct the problem. The old crown and bridge method of replacement needs the support of other natural teeth, which may not be possible due to the position of the missing teeth. However, with implant bridges, one can easily replace multiple missing teeth anywhere in the mouth. This allows the implant dentist to restore the patient’s smile and function where they might have been unable to otherwise.


All-on-4 dental implants is the name of a revolutionary treatment that is used to replace an entire arch of teeth, either upper or lower, with a natural looking denture that is securely anchored on four dental implants. The loss of teeth and resultant jawbone deterioration accounts for the hollow look that is common for people with missing teeth. The “caved in” appearance and wrinkling of the lips is virtually eliminated with an All-on-4 dental implant. You will instantly look younger and healthier.

Denture stabilization with mini-implants

Denture wearers know that their appliances are often irritating and loose fitting. If you are one of the countless numbers of people who are weary of dealing with the shortcomings of standard dentures, denture stabilization is an excellent alternative. Implants that are smaller than those used in other implant procedures create a secure base to which the denture is simply snapped in place. The anchored denture is much more stable and functional.

Dental implants are worth the cost

Dental implants are worth the cost

Dental implant therapy is the latest in prosthodontic technology. It is also the most revolutionary dental treatment to emerge within the past fivedecades, providing an exceptionally durable and life-like replacement for your missing teeth.

Here are a few of the reasons why implant dentistry is one of the fastest growing segments of dental care and why you should consider it to replace your missing teeth.

Enjoy your food. Dental implants are a huge improvement over traditional dentures and partial plates. They offer fixed security that looks and functions like your natural teeth. Their strength and durability enables you to eat whatever you want without any issues. No more cutting up your meat into tiny pieces or avoiding the nuts and popcorn you love.

Complete stability. Because dental implants are secured directly into your jawbone, you can do all the things you used to do without worrying. Ride on your favorite roller coaster, burst out laughing or scream like crazy for your favorite sports team. These are things you might be afraid to do with dentures, but implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. They will help keep you feeling youthful and carefree. It’s the perfect way to regain your confidence and your brilliant smile.

Single tooth or multiple. The flexibility of dental implants is truly amazing. And, with their flawless ability to reproduce the look and function of natural teeth, they have become the standard of care in the dental field to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. Since the titanium posts that secure dental implants are integrated directly into the jawbone, they stimulate the bone and help prevent gum recession and bone loss, which often is the result of missing teeth. Implants are the only tooth replacement option that prevents bone loss. In fact, the fit of dentures have to be adjusted throughout the life of the wearer to deal with the changes in facial structure brought on by bone loss.

Long-term financial savings. People often choose their dental work based on price alone. For obvious reasons, this is not the ideal way to go. Plus, a treatment that is initially less expensive may seem like the best option at the time. However, you could end up paying much more down the road when you have to undergo multiple repairs and adjustments. Dental implants reveal themselves to be extremely cost-effective in the long run because they provide you with a permanent solution that is the closest you can get to matching the look and function of your natural teeth.

Don’t let price be the determining factor in your dental care when you know that the end result of paying a little more upfront is going to make you feel much more happy and confident. A permanent tooth replacement option that boosts your self-image is worth every cent.

Dental implants: The best tooth replacement option

Dental implants: The best tooth replacement option

It is believed that ancient Egyptians used seashells to replace missing teeth, as excavated remains have suggested. Technically then, dental implants have been around for eons. Thankfully, dentistry has come a very long way since then. Dental science is now able to offer a replacement solution that nearly equals natural teeth in terms of both appearance and function.

What is dental implant therapy?

A dental implant is an artificial titanium root that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. Once this fixed titanium post sets in the healed bone, an artificial tooth made of dental porcelain is attached to replace the missing tooth. This is the best possible method for restoring dental appearance and function.

Why titanium?

Titanium is used due to its ability to easily graft into the bone. The body is typically compatible and accepting of titanium so rejection is rarely an issue. Plus, as one of the strongest metals around, it is an ideal choice for providing a stable foundation for your new teeth.

What types of implants are available?

Individuals who have a gap of any sort, whether it is comprised of one tooth or many, can enjoy a flawless smile thanks to the advancements of dental implant therapy. The implants themselves come in a variety of heights and sizes such as mini, narrow and standard.

Endosteal implants: These are usually shaped like tiny screws, plates or cylinders and are inserted into the jawbone. These are the most popular kind of implant used.

Subperiosteal implants: This version is placed under the gum and above the jawbone. These are often chosen for patients who have a shallow jawbone and do not wish to undergo a separate procedure to build it up.

As we’ve noted, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. This innovative technology is far superior to traditional treatments for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at a few.

Implants are superior to dentures

Dentures are often ill-fitting and can be uncomfortable and loose to wear. They present a risk of slipping and even falling out at the most inopportune times. Dentures often rely on various substances to help hold them in place. People often have to forego their favorite foods due to their inability to chew thoroughly. Lastly, they can stain or break easily so replacement is always a possible expense.

Implants are superior to bridges

Traditional crown and bridges can leave you susceptible to decay underneath. Statistics show that they typically fail after 5 to 10 years since patients have a hard time flossing in the area of the bridge. Possibly the worst part about bridges is that they require grinding down perfectly healthy teeth to function as anchors or abutments on either side of the bridge. Over time, root surfaces under and around the bridgework can become inundated with decay and irreparable. This often leads to a loss of the teeth supporting the old bridge. In such a case, patients are faced with even more dental work than when they started. Implant bridges improve on this outdated method in every way. For example, caring for your dental implant bridge is as simple as regular brushing and flossing.

Why choose dental implant therapy?

Dental implants will provide you with the closest solution to your natural teeth. They are far stronger than other teeth replacement choices, they function very much like your own teeth and they look completely natural. The lifespan of dental implants is exceptional. Teeth on either side of a bridge remain healthy and unaffected. Periodontal disease has nowhere to develop and the integrity of your jawbone remains intact. Like we said, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. Period.

How do dental implants work?

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are the most advanced method of replacing missing teeth. For this reason, it’s no surprise that they are also quickly becoming the most popular replacement option. This technology, which places a permanent restoration that matches the look and function of a natural tooth, can be utilized to replace one tooth or an entire arch of missing teeth. Essentially, these artificial teeth with titanium roots are a strong and secure option for filling empty spaces within your mouth. Since they are set right into your jaw, they enable you to eat the foods you love without any difficulty and they completely restore your smile.

Sometimes our teeth are damaged beyond repair. This can be a result of trauma, decay or the natural aging process. You can experience a tremendous improvement in your overall quality of life by having a reliable set of teeth — not to mention a radiant smile that builds confidence and boosts self-esteem.

A dental implant, also known as an endosseous implant or fixture, is surgically inserted to bond with the jawbone. The titanium “root” is able to securely support a dental prosthesis such as a single tooth, bridge, denture or crown. The abutment is the portion of the implant that is visible above the gum line. The crown (the actual artificial tooth) is attached to the abutment and these are the three parts of a permanent, natural-looking replacement.

Kinds of implants

Single implant: A single dental implant can be used to replace one missing tooth and fill in a gap. The teeth on either side are unaffected. This is the ideal way to permanently fill an open space in your teeth.

Implant bridge: After two or more titanium pegs have been given the chance to set in the jawbone, they provide anchoring points for a dental bridge that replaces multiple teeth.

All-on-4: This is a fantastic implant option that does the work of a denture, but does it so much better. An All-on-4 dental implant is a full-arch of prosthetic teeth that is secured on four titanium posts affixed into the jawbone. Forget about taking your teeth out at night or even worrying about them coming loose at an inopportune time. An All-on-4 allows patients with full replacement needs to regain the aesthetics and function they had with their own natural teeth.

Don’t wait another day

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are definitely a treatment method that you should be considering. They make eating and speaking simple and they boost self-esteem by giving you back your smile. Plus, implants prevent bone loss by keeping the jawbone stimulated. This is something that no other method of tooth replacement can offer.